What Is A Virtual Graffiti Wall?

What is a virtual graffiti wall? Well, it’s a large interactive digital screen that uses digital spray paint cans to let anyone create digital graffiti art. It’s unique. It’s interactive. It’s a photo favor. With our Virtual Graffiti Wall you get to create digital masterpieces! We will set up our 10-foot screen at your wedding reception, mitzvah, corporate function or anywhere else you want to have a great time! With our photo booth mode you and your guests pose for a picture. Then the picture gets loaded on the big screen and you and your guests get armed with digital spray cans to add your own artistic touches, changing colors with just the click of a button. There is no mess involved! Its all virtual. Once finished their creations are printed instantly as promotional party favors that can be branded. It’s the perfect interactive addition to any party, special event or promotion.
It’s Interactive!
With our Virtual Graffiti Walls (also known as digital art walls or photo graffiti walls) there is an incredible amount of interactivity between the system, photographer, artist and event guests making them a great addition to corporate events, weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, promotional show cases and any other type of event where people want to have a great time!
It’s Customizable!
The system is customizable in many different ways. Perhaps one of the most popular features, our photo booth mode allows guests to digitally spray paint onto their photos before printing them. Because the system is 100% digital the only thing sprayed is invisible light so there is no mess at all! Some additional features of our wall:
• 100% digital marker/airbrush/spray can emulation
• Up to 4 people can paint at once
• Our green screen feature allows guests to place images of themselves onto any background they choose
• Easily add custom backgrounds that can remain in place throughout the whole event and shows up on all printouts.
• Easily add a screen border, watermark, or specialized branding image
• Personalized virtual stencils and full color stamps that are tailored to a given event. Users can select, move, rotate, resize, and virtually spray right onto them. They are a great artistic extension for an otherwise novice artist!
• Mistakes can be easily corrected with our erase tool
• One-click Save
• One-click Print
• Photo booth mode “quick select” gallery allows the user to choose their photo for editing from an integrated photo browser
• Photo stamp feature creates a stamp out of any photo allowing for multiple photos on a single creation
Virtual Graffiti walls are perfect for people of all skill levels; simply grab a digital spray can, step up to the wall and unleash your inner artist.
All designs and pictures are saved as a standard jpeg format and sent to the host/hostess after the event.
Guests can share their creations via email, Facebook or Twitter directly from our graffiti walls.

Graffiti wall in use