Mobile Zip Lines

With duel lines two people can ride our mobile zip lines at once allowing for up to 90 riders per hour. Great for Company Picnics, Fairs, Festivals, Grand Openings, Expos, Conventions or anywhere you want to boost attendance and have a great time! Serving Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and the entire east coast!

Extreme Flywire Mobile Zip Lines

Towering at over 3 stories the Extreme Fly Wire Zip Line is the largest portable zip line in the world. Feel the rush as you zip at high speeds to the landing zone up to 300’ from the tower. Featuring a spiral staircase and patented Decelerator it offers an experience unlike any other. The Extreme Flywire is fully adjustable in length from 100’ all the way up to 300’ (thats a football field!).


  • Operating Height: 34’
  • Operating Length: 130’-300’
  • Weight: 10,000 lbs
  • Rider Distance Traveled: 100’ – 300’ depending on weight/height
  • Capacity: 70-90 riders per hour

Spectrum Mobile Zip Line

At just under three stories the Spectrum Mobile Zip Line is the perfect portable zip line solution for events of all kinds. More compact in size then its bigger cousin yet still offering a thrilling ride of over 100’ the Spectrum model is an excellent option for any location inside or out!


  • Operating Height: 28’
  • Operating Length: 174’L + anchor
  • Tower Footprint: 28’H x 31’L x 14’W (w/ outrigger jacks)
  • Rider Distance Traveled: 90’ – 100’ depending on weight/height
  • Capacity: 70-90 riders per hour

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