Homecoming Parties

Homecoming celebrations are some of the biggest events of the school year. With its interactive photo booth mode the Virtual Graffiti Wall is the perfect attraction for your Homecoming Dance. When students see the huge 10′ screen they will line up for their chance to get a group picture with their friends. What better time to capture a fun, creative picture than when everyone is all dressed up? Best of all each student will get an instant, professional quality print to remember the occasion and the event organizer will receive a digital master copy of all photos and creations at the end of the party. These awesome photos are great for school newspapers, parent newsletters, yearbooks and more!

It’s easy to see by all of the pictures that everyone has a great time with the virtual graffiti wall; and thats why our clients have us back each year!

The virtual graffiti wall can be custom branded with your school’s logo. We can also create custom backgrounds and stamps special for your homecoming party.

Homecoming Graffiti Wall Green Screen