The Green Screen adds a whole new level of fun to the virtual graffiti wall. Perfect for events of all kinds from Corporate Parties to Mitzvahs, Graduation Parties, Prom After Parties and Birthday Parties.

Without the Green Screen

Without the green screen photos are taken in front of a white screen. Then, photos are projected on the wall and guests decorate the white background around their photos using our custom stamps and stencils.

Afro Guy graffiti wall no green screen
Afro Guy graffiti wall no green screen graffiti
Green Screen Rental VS

With the Green Screen

With the green screen, guests select their favorite background (customized for your event) and then pose in front of the green screen. Their photos are then projected on the virtual graffiti wall and the green is automatically removed. Guests then decorate their photos using our Stamps & Stencils or they can just free hand a design using the digital spray can.

green screen no background
green screen girls elsaClown Glasses Green ScreenParty Hat Ggeen Screen